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Top Tips for Visiting Jasper

1. Pack Layers

As you will be in the midst of the mountains, the weather can change very quickly. Make sure you pack layers – you can never go wrong with some jumpers and sunscreen!


2. Go camping

With over 2,000 individual camp sites in Jasper National Park, there is no better place to truly become one with nature. Add a camping trip to your trip to add a little adventure – you will wake up every day to the most beautiful views imaginable.


3. Don’t Feed the Wildlife

Although it may be tempting to feed the local wildlife as you come close to them, this can be incredibly dangerous. Much of the food could harm them – you are in their natural habitat, so just enjoy watching them from a distance.


4. Drink the Water

If you are planning on doing lots of hiking while you’re in Jasper, make sure you take a reusable water bottle. There is nothing better than the taste of fresh glacier water!


5. Pack A Camera

Your trip will be full of one unforgettable memory after another, so you will want to have a camera on-hand at all times. We suggest you bring an extra memory card and batteries so you can always capture that perfect shot!