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Top Tips

Whistler is an all-season destination, and for those who love the great outdoors, there is no better vacation destination. Here are some of our top tips to help you plan your trip to Whistler:


  1. Winter Sport: Whistler is famous for its skiing, and whether you are experienced or not there are plenty of fun options for everybody. Ski and snowboarding equipment can be rented, but warm winter wear cannot – plan to bring clothes rated for sub-zero temperatures, or shop for new outfits at one of the many outfitters in town.
  2. The Rocky Mountaineer: whether you are coming or going between Whistler and Vancouver, you must experience this scenic train ride of a lifetime. It’s a three and a half hour ride with full service and knowledgeable guides to point out all the landmarks along the way.
  3. Peak 2 Peak Gondola: whether taking it to a skiing or snowboarding launch point, or just to take in the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, the Peak 2 Peak Scenic Gondola is an eleven minute ride between Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Experience the world’s highest ski lift in all seasons, and dine in mile-high style at one of the several mountain top restaurants.