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Things to do in Churchill

1. Eskimo Museum

Tucked away along one of Churchill’s side streets, the Eskimo Museum provides a great way to learn about Inuit art and culture. The museum is packed full of exceptional carvings and displays of ivory and soap stone. Although only one room, the museum has a way of entrancing you for hours – don’t forget to visit the gift shop. Admission is free, but donations are accepted and greatly appreciated.


2. Parks Canada Visitor Centre

One of Churchill’s cornerstone attractions, the Parks Canada Visitor Centre was once a train station and offers a variety of interactive exhibits that will teach you about the history of the city. If you would like to learn more about the area, the people, the food and culture that you are visiting, then this is the stop for you.


3. Tundra Buggy Tour

A trip in one of these all-terrain vehicles are the reason you chose to visit Churchill. Specifically designed for the Arctic terrain, the tundra buggy will ignite your sense of adventure and get you up close to the wildlife and scenery of Churchill – including the elusive polar bear. We suggest you visit in the winter months for the chance to travel across the frozen Churchill River into the wilderness and witness the breath-taking Northern Lights.


4. Arctic Trading Company

If you are dreaming of taking some Arctic memorabilia home from your unforgettable trip, a stop at the Arctic Trading Company is a must. Visit the rustic, cosy store and you will be greeted by a plethora of original native paintings, sculptures and carvings, plus traditional jewellery and high-quality, customisable leather items. This is the perfect place to spend your souvenir money!


5. The Prince of Wales Fort

Travel across the Churchill River by boat or helicopter and arrive at the Prince of Wales Fort, a National Historic Site of Canada. Built over 40 years in the 1700s to protect Hudson Bay’s fur trade, this is a location steeped in fascinating history. Learn the significance of the site with a tour from a local guide. You can also experience some unforgettable whale-watching if you visit during the summer months.