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Top Tips for Visiting St. John's

1. Prepare for the Weather

The temperature changes very quickly in St. John’s due to its coastal location, and the province as a whole is known for experiencing heavy rainfall. Make sure you pack layers and always have a raincoat on hand!


2. Book Restaurants Early

The dining scene in St. John’s is renowned across the province due to the fresh seafood available. If there is a fine-dining restaurant or a local haunt you are desperate to try, make sure you book in advance as they are always incredibly busy.


3. Try Partridge Berries

 Partridge berries are native to North America and you can find them in many delicious treats during your visit to St. John’s. Try them in a muffin in Tim Hortons – with one on almost every street corner in Canada, you will be spoiled for choice!


4. Meet the Locals

Make sure you take some time to explore the area outside St. John’s and you will be welcomed with open arms. Experience this famous Newfoundland hospitality and visit quaint villages with quirky names such as Come by Chance and Red Head’s Cove.


5. Drive the Province

The best way to experience St. John’s and beyond is by car. The journey across Newfoundland takes 12 hours end to end.  Hire a car and travel from tip to the other, stopping at leisure to enjoy the many things to see and do throughout.