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Things to do in Yellowknife

Wintertime is when the north hits its stride, the lights of the Aurora lighting up the sky in a display unlike anything you have ever seen. Dog sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, wildlife viewing, hunting and ice fishing are all great ways to get a feel for the Yellowknife lifestyle, while at the end of the day, local restaurants serve up everything from freshly caught fish and locally sourced buffalo or elk to popular ethnic favorites like Chinese, Thai, Japanese, French and Italian. There are several outfitters who conduct day and nighttime tours, and just as many lodges and accommodations that offer activities packages to satisfy every traveler’s whim. Within the urban confines of Yellowknife, there are many fascinating sights to see, from a visit to the Prince of Wales Heritage Centre to a free guided tour of the Legislative Assembly Building, or an afternoon spent exploring local art galleries and museums.