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Places to Eat in Halifax

1. Five Fisherman Restaurant

Located in what was once a 19th Century schoolhouse, the Five Fisherman Restaurant is the perfect spot for personalised service and a warm welcome. The restaurant is popular with locals and visitors alive, known for its delicious seafood but also its vegetarian and vegan options. Try and book your table a little later in the evening – the restaurant is known for ghostly activity and you may even have a supernatural encounter yourself.


2. Press Gang Restaurant

Press Gang is located in downtown Halifax, at home in one of the oldest buildings in the city. If you are looking for a fine-dining experience with an incredible ambiance, this is the restaurant for you. Indulge in seafood, game and fine wines – plus, their oyster bar is considered the best in the city.


3. Bud the Spud

Halifax is renowned for its food truck scene, and Bud the Spud is one of the most-loved in the city. Located in Spring Garden, this iconic food truck and has been serving chips from the same spot for over 30 years. Low prices make this the perfect lunch option during your exploration of Halifax – not to mention the fact that the fries are gluten-free and vegan.


4. Halifax Donair

After enjoying Halifax’s famous nightlife, conclude your evening like a local by sampling the Halifax donair. A Maritime version of the famous donor kebab, the donair can be found across the city. The kebab consists of spicy meat with a delicious sweet sauce that is unique to Nova Scotia. This is a true Halifax delight that cannot be missed.


5. Alexander Keith’s Brewery

Although not strictly somewhere to eat, this is a classic Nova Scotia experience and cannot be missed by visitors. Built in 1820, by the three-time Halifax mayor and brew master extraordinaire Alexander Keith, you can learn all about how this famous Canadian brew is prepared, before sampling some for yourself in the Stag Head’s Tavern.