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Places to Eat in Charlottetown

1. The Inn at Bay Fortune

Renowned throughout the country, The Inn at Bay Fortune will be the highlight of your Canadian culinary experience. A true believer in farm-to table produce, famed chef Michael Smith cooks everything over a wood-burning fire and the community style feasts are legendary throughout the island.

2. Red Island Bake Potato

You cannot visit Prince Edward Island without trying one of the famous baked potatoes! Red Island Baked Potato promises to “feed you silly” and with baked potatoes, nachos and perogies with more fillings than you can imagine on, they certainly succeed.

3. Charlottetown Farmer's Market

If you want to eat like a local, head to the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market. Packed full of the best local produce, freshly baked goods and even a breakfast bar, you will indulge all of your senses during your visit.

4. Wicked Fries Food Truck

Wicked Fries have garnered a reputation for their superb prices, first-class customer service and, of course, their delicious food. Specialising in fries, poutine and burgers, the food is mouth-wateringly good and will leave you coming back for more.

5. Blue Mussel Cafe 

This low-key restaurant serves delicious seasonal seafood off the beaten track. Popular with locals, the seafood served here is as fresh as it gets - paired with the rustic decor, this is the perfect choice for those seeking an authentic Prince Edward Island dining experience.