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Saskatchewan Holidays

Book any of our Saskatchewan holidays and visit this central Canadian prairie province known for its vast farmlands, provincial parks, freshwater fishing and hunting, dark skies, wildlife, camping, canoeing, hiking, golf and horseback riding. Bordered by Manitoba to the east and Alberta to the west, at one time it was joined with the northern territories. Its two main cities are Regina and Saskatoon, but there are plenty of other communities across the province that offer a glimpse of the past and an opportunity to discover local farming culture as well as the great outdoors. From the shores of Lake Athabaska in the far north of the province, through rivers and lakes to Regina and Moosejaw in the south, the skies are big and the open spaces are vast. The north is largely boreal forest and sparsely inhabited. The interior is primarily farmland, dedicated to wheat and grain crops, but the economy is also well supported by mining and fuel production. Whether you are interested in scenery, history, outdoor adventures or a cosmopolitan city experience, Saskatchewan has something for every traveler. It’s a multicultural land, historically settled by Europeans and home to roving aboriginal tribes. It is the birthplace of the famous Canadian Mounties, as well as home to several historical battle sites. All in all, it’s a perfect place to discover Canada’s hidden treasures and enjoy wide open spaces as you feel your cares virtually disappear.


Things to Do


Saskatchewan has such a wide variety of things to do, it’s easy to please any kind of traveler. Explore the capital city of Regina on beautiful Lake Wascana, with its abundant parks and green spaces and a lively music, theatre and art scene. Echo Lake in the Qu’Appelle Valley is a popular vacation spot for the locals, who come from nearby Regina or Moosejaw to enjoy cottage country life, with boating and beaches in the summertime and snowmobiling and skiing in the winter. The town of Rouleau, also in the Qu’Appelle Valley, is also a fun spot to visit, having been made infamous as the subject of a popular Canadian television sitcom, Corner Gas. The Saskatchewan Rough Riders are the province’s Canadian Football League team, and the only professional sports team, playing out of Mosaic Stadium in Regina. Visit one of the many provincial parks for canoeing, camping, fishing and plenty of outdoor adventures, but to experience sights like no other, make a point to visit The Athabaska Sand Dunes, one of the largest dunefields on the planet. Visit Saskatoon and explore its many museums, or take in a concert by a renowned Canadian artist at the Broadway Theatre. Just northeast of Saskatoon, step back in time as you take a day to explore the historic settlement at Prince Albert on the North Saskatchewan River, and do be sure to try the local Saskatoon berry, whether it’s in a home made pie, jam, or fresh from the farm.


Top Tips


Saskatchewan is a land of wide-open spaces, big skies and verdant farmland. Much of the activity centers on the cities of Saskatoon and Regina, though there are plenty of eclectic local experiences to be had if you are willing to travel the path less taken. Here are some top tips to help you discover unique adventures that will offer a lifetime of memories:


  1. Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park: located in the far north west of the province, the park lies along the south shores of Lake Athabasca, and is home to a diverse ecosystem which includes one of the largest northern dune fields in the world. Camping, fishing and canoeing are allowed here, but it is recommended for experienced wilderness travelers only. Accessible only by float plane, the park has no permanent residents, facilities or services, but is probably one of the most unique and untouched lands you might ever have the chance to see. To get the best out of this destination, it is suggested to hook up with an outfitter who can best organize your experience.
  2. Regina is a bustling small city with a big heart. Museums, theatres, and concert halls abound, and there is a burgeoning foodie culture that will tempt your taste buds at every turn. Take a stroll through Cathedral Village for eclectic shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Tour the Legislative Buildings, or take the kids to the Wascana Bird Sanctuary and Waterfowl Park right in the center of the city.