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Top Tips

  1. Hotel de Glace: Quebec’s Ice Hotel is one of only a handful of accommodations of this type, its structure constructed entirely out of ice and re-built every winter. The hotel offers many activities including an Ice Bar and Discotheque, ice slides for the children, ice sculpture exhibits, and luxury rooms, fully equipped for you to sleep like a bear nestled between fur and down blankets, and all this at minus temperatures
  2. Sugar Shacks: The ever-popular tradition of Maple Syrup production has a booming industry built around it. A perennially popular pastime in late winter when the sap is flowing and the syrup is on the boil, there are dozens of Sugar Shacks just a short drive outside of Quebec. Serving traditional French Canadian treats like baked beans, pancakes, maple sugar pie and tortiere, you can indulge your sweet tooth and learn how the syrup is made, walk the maple sugar bush, and make maple taffy by pouring hot syrup directly onto the snow, a uniquely Quebecois tradition!
  3. Hotel Frontenac: The historic Hotel Frontenac is a landmark luxury hotel that dates to 1893. Whether staying in one of the over six hundred rooms or indulging in a proper high tea, your visit will be unforgettable. Perched above the city, it is the most prominent aspect of the city skyline. From inside, you’ll see sweeping vistas of the St. Lawrence river and the fortified city, and you can almost feel the history in the very walls – from the Quebec Conference of 1943, attended by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and William Lyon Mackenzie King, to Alfred Hitchcock’s locations for the film ‘I Confess’, the Frontenac is steeped in history, and has the notoriety of being most photographed hotel in the world.
  4. Quebec Winter Carnival: Quebecers celebrate the winter by embracing it with all they’ve got! In January and February each year, the entire city becomes a winter wonderland, with gloriously lit night time parades and firework displays, concerts, food everywhere you look (you must try the famous Beaver Tails!), sleigh rides, dog sled races, the world’s largest snow-sculpting contest, and plenty of appearances by the master of ceremonies, Bonhomme Carnival.