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Saskatchewan Holidays

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Book your Saskatchewan holiday and get set to jet off to the heart of Central Canada: a land of rolling hills, cowboy culture, dinosaur fossils, vast farmlands, and the birthplace of Canadian Mounties!

The two main cities of Saskatchewan province are Regina and Saskatoon, but there are plenty of other communities across the province that offer a glimpse of the past and an opportunity to discover local farming culture as well as the great outdoors.

From the shores of Lake Athabaska in the far north of the province, through rivers and lakes to Regina and Moosejaw in the south, the skies are big and the open spaces are vast. The north is largely boreal forest and sparsely inhabited. The interior is primarily farmland, dedicated to wheat and grain crops/

Whether you are interested in scenery, history, outdoor adventures or a cosmopolitan city experience, Saskatchewan has something for every traveller. It’s a multicultural land, historically settled by Europeans and home to fascinating aboriginal tribes. All in all, it’s a perfect place to discover Canada’s hidden treasures and enjoy wide-open spaces.

Summer in the City - Saskatchewan with the Canada Travel Specialists

Places to visit in Saskatchewan