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Ontario City Breaks

When many people think of Canada, only one magnificent picture springs to mind: The Niagara Falls. For those people, Ontario is where any trip should start. Nestled in the southeast of the province on the border with the United States of America, Niagara Falls are a truly unbelievable sight to behold. Waterfalls aside, meanwhile, Ontario boasts a great variety of different activities and sights to see.

Ontario’s location on the border of the USA makes it a popular spot for all sorts of different visitors – and no one’s tastes are left out. Variety is key; luxurious golfing holidays sit side by side with white water rafting or days out shopping.For a less intense slice of Ontario, the province boasts a huge choice of quaint towns and villages with all sorts of wonders to explore.

One thing’s for sure: a day in Ontario is a day well spent