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Cruise FAQs

Why Should I Book A Cruise?

If you would like to stay in luxurious surroundings and experience the very best of destinations all around the world, then embarking on a cruise could be the holiday of your dreams. Cruising is perhaps the easiest and most convenient method of travel; you unpack once and then your time can be spent however you wish. Many sailings occur overnight, so you can fall asleep on the gently rocking waves and wake up in some of the most unique, exciting destinations in the world. Multi-night land tour cruises will allow you to explore these new landscapes even further, taking you to inland pockets that the ship simply can’t reach. There is nothing quite like the feeling of sitting on a viewing deck in the open waters, embracing the surrounding views and the warm ocean breezes. This is travel at its finest.


What’s Included?

Your cruise fare will include your cabin (and accommodation onshore if applicable), plus the majority of your dining, entertainment and activities. Any transfers and flights are also normally included. Crew members will be there to fulfil your every whim, so you can sit back and enjoy the journey.

A number of options may be extra on your cruise, depending on who you sail with;

  • Speciality Dining
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Spa Treatments
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Shore Excursions

However, we have good news! In many cases while booking, many cruise lines will offer exclusive added value to customers; typically, this comes in the form of onboard credit or free drinks packages.


 What Is the Dress Code?

The majority of cruise ships will have a dress code, and details on this will be included in your travel documents. For the most part, casualwear is fine for the daytime, with an upgrade to smart casual when dining in any of the restaurants in the evening. Cruises will also host luxurious events, such as the welcoming dinner, where you should wear more formal attire like cocktail dresses and tuxedos.


What Can I Do Onboard?

Every cruise ship is tailored to customers in different ways, but they have a common aim; to provide customers with the highest standard of activities and entertainment onboard, with options suited to all tastes and interests. Cruises are designed to be as comfortable and exciting as possible, so you will never at a loss of things to do. There is something for everyone; from the little ones to the still young at heart! The choices are endless, from invigorating activities to more relaxing options. Most ships will traditionally have a spa, cooking classes and demonstrations, theatre shows, musical performances, a swimming pool and a gym. Some ships will even have rock-climbing walls, go-karting tracks and water slides! Make sure you try as many of these online amenities as you can!


What Are the Rooms Like?

No matter your personal taste or budget, a cruise ship will have a boarding option to suit you. The accommodation available ranges from inside cabins to executive suites. You will be cruising through some of the world’s most picturesque and breath-taking landscapes – imagine experiencing these panoramic views from your own private viewing area. Sound like a dream come true? Booking a balcony cabin on your cruise is simply a must. Regardless of which kind of cabin you choose, the comfort you find when you step inside will enable you to feel right at home.


Is Cruising Suitable for All Ages?

Although cruising has the reputation of traditionally appealing to an older audience, this couldn’t be further from the truth today! While some cruises are adult-only to provide a more relaxed experience, the majority are very family friendly. One thing is for sure – the little ones will never be short of things to do with so many exhilarating activities onboard. Many ships will have specific lounges for teenagers, and fully-staffed kid’s clubs will give mum and dad a well-deserved break to enjoy the facilities onboard! Activities tailored to younger age groups can include art projects, move nights, talent shows and much more.


What Are Shore Excursions?

Shore excursions are one of the most unforgettable elements of any cruising voyage. These pre-organised activities give you the opportunity to explore some of the most inspiring places on earth. Shore excursions can cover a plethora of activities, from guided tours to helicopter rides, hiking to wildlife watching. These can be booked both in advance and on your ship – only the most luxury cruise lines will have these included in the price. Make sure you jump into as many of these as possible- they are your best chance to get a closer look at the land you have docked in.