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Inspirational Journey FAQs

Who are we?

We are a group of Travel Specialists with years of experience helping others to discover Canada. We put together tailor-made itineraries and journeys, always with you in mind. To do this, we draw on our combined decades of experience to find you the best possible trip. We have all travelled extensively in Canada and can offer you our first-hand experience and advice. Like you, we went to Canada looking for inspiration, magnificence and wonder. We found everything we wanted to and more - now let us take you there on an inspirational journey you will never forget.

What is an inspirational journey?

An inspirational journey means different things to different people. Overall, we define inspirational journeys as our tailor-made trips around sites and experiences that will take your breath away. An inspirational journey is stumbling across a landscape with such magnificent beauty that it leaves you speechless. It’s watching the sun rise over the Rocky Mountains or glimpsing a mother bear play with her cubs in the wild. Some of the world’s most spectacular scenery can be found in Canada –whatever it is that inspires you, we can help you to discover it. Whether it’s a luxury cruise, a self-drive expedition or wildlife tour, we’ve got it covered.

Where will you take me?

You’ll find inspiration around every corner of Canada. You could explore the beauty of New England and tie it in with a trip to the vibrant concrete jungle of New York. You could discover the phenomenal power of the thundering Niagara Falls followed by a trip to the cultural melting pot of Toronto. And that’s just on the east coast! Travel to the west to discover our tailor-made Grizzly bear viewing trips on Vancouver Island. Of course, right in the heart of Canada is the very backbone of the country: the Canadian Rockies. The national parks here are home to some of the most moving sights on the planet, not to mention some world-class skiing and mountain trekking! Up north, you’ll find the snowy tundra of Alaska or the chance to see polar bears in Churchill. Every corner of Canada is buzzing with new experiences.

When is the best time to visit?

Canada oozes with inspiration all year round. In the winter months, you’ll wrap up warm and discover the snowy peaks in the Rockies. In the summer, the cities come alive with festivals and cultural celebrations. It really depends on what you want to experience. For example, grizzly bear viewing is best booked in Spring when they emerge from hibernation with their baby cubs. If you want long walks to unforgettable viewpoints in the Rockies, it’s best to take a trip during the summer.

How will I see this beautiful country?

You can see Canada’s wonders in any way you want! We offer a range of itineraries and travel options to suit every taste and requirement. For the freedom-loving explorers, we offer a self-drive experience. You can explore the country at your own pace, make stops wherever you please and fall in love with the sights around you slowly. You can stay in lodges and cabins along the way and experience the serenity of nature. For those who prefer a little more luxury, we can arrange business class flights, top hotels and luxury cruise options.

Why should I choose an inspirational holiday?

That’s an easy question - where else can you explore the breath-taking scenery and watch bears and whales in their natural environment? Where else will you find exquisite peace and quiet like that of the Canadian Rockies? Canada is a destination that lives and breathes inspiration. You’ll get closer to nature, break the monotony of daily life and create memories that last forever.

With our help, you can explore Canada in a way that suits you. Find your inspiration in this magnificent country and create a journey you’ll never forget. Just reach out to one of our experts to find out more.