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Grizzly Bear watching in British Columbia

You’ll stay in lodges purpose built for viewing these gentle giants. Watch as they spend their days eating salmon from the fast flowing rivers and foraging for nuts and berries. It’s rare to see Grizzly bears in packs as they are typically very solitary animals. Yet, they often come together to fish in the streams of British Columbia.

Along with your guides and fellow travelers, you’ll trek the forests and rivers of Vancouver Island. The best time to visit is spring, just after they emerge from hibernation. Females tend to give birth over the winter period, so if you’re lucky, you’ll catch the baby’s first steps! Cubs are often born as twins, so it’s not uncommon to see them playing together. The patient mother will follow them and teach them to forage for berries, roots, and nuts. And you can watch it all.

Many of Canada’s bears are wary of confrontation and are shy when it comes to humans. Grizzlies, on the other hand, got their name for a reason! When it comes to catching a glimpse of these creatures, it’s always best to travel with expert guides. That’s where a wildlife holiday comes in. They’ll keep you safe and they know the best spots!

The Grizzly bear is categorised as ‘threatened’ under the Fish & Wildlife Service classifications. These rare and magnificent animals must be protected and allowed to live in their natural habitat. Guided tours within their natural home are the only humane and safe ways to experience the bears. If we don’t act against urbanisation and hunting, we may not be able to see them at all.