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Wildlife Guide - Quebec

Black Bears

Grizzlies aren’t the only bears you’ll find in Canada. For guaranteed black bear sightings, head to one of the numerous holiday lodges in the Quebec region between July and September. These lodges have specially constructed viewing platforms to allow you to catch as many glimpses of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat as possible. Indeed, it is not uncommon to pass a black bear meandering along the road as you drive across Canada! While attacks are very rare as the bears are shy and like to avoid confrontation with humans, travelling with an experienced guide will provide you will the safest, most unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience of your life.


Harp Seals

Quebec’s Magdalen islands are no longer simply a summer hotspot due to their stunning sandy beaches. Visit the province in the chillier months and take a trip to this collection of 8 islands to witness a gathering of hundreds of thousands of adorable harp seals. The seals are drawn to Quebec for 2-3 weeks every winter and are really friendly – you may be able to get up close and observe them lounging on the rocks! The islands are accessible by either boat or helicopter, and any trip with an expert will take you into the heart of the seal habitat – you will be left speechless as you see them stretching out on the ice as far as the eye can see. We suggest you bring a camera – you will easily keep falling in love with these furry grey pups long after your trip comes to a close.



Being one of Canada’s most spectacular maritime provinces, it is only natural that Quebec is home to some of the most awe-inspiring whale-watching sites around the world. Visit between May and October and sightings of up to 13 species of whale are almost a guarantee in the flowing waters of the St. Lawrence river. Impressive blue whales – the largest animals on the planets – and glorious humpbacks can be spotted breaching in pods. Take a sightseeing boat tour or an exhilarating trip on a zodiac or sea kayak for views that will take your breath away. You may even catch a peek of them on land from particular points along the coast! However you choose to explore, the opportunity to see mighty whales in the wild is something you will never forget.