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Jasper Holidays

Our range of Jasper, holidays in Alberta will take you the town which is located in western Alberta and within Jasper National Park. It’s located about a three and a half hour drive west of Edmonton and approximately three hours north of Banff. Very close to the border with its western neighbor, British Columbia, it lies in the Rocky Mountains at just over one thousand meters in elevation, and is part of the Athabasca River Valley at its junction with the Miette River. Though relatively remote, it is accessible by a good train service, and boasts a thriving tourist community all year round.

From ice climbing, skiing, snowboarding and dogsledding in the winter to whitewater rafting, golfing, canoeing, fishing and exploring the park in the summertime, travelers of all ages can find activities and pastimes to enjoy. The stargazing is second to none, and Jasper National Park is a designated dark sky preserve – a special location that has little to no artificial light, making it ideal for viewing the awesome expanse of the milky way. Wildlife is often seen sauntering at the edges of town, and the mountain air is fresh and plentiful, making Jasper a destination that is as invigorating as it is pure and sweet.
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