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Wildlife Holidays in Canada

Book any of our Canada wildlife holidays and get ready to be transported to one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. From the magnificent Rocky Mountains in the West to the Arctic Tundra in the North. The cities are vibrant and diverse while the nature reserves are second-to-none. Every corner of this stunning land has something to offer. One of the aspects most loved about Canada is its majestic wildlife. It is home to some of the richest species in the world; in particular the famous Grizzly bear. The best way to see this magnificent creature is on one of our Canada wildlife holidays.

A wildlife viewing holiday is purposely designed to get you as close as possible to the bears in the wild. You’ll stay in lodges deep within their natural environment. Although grizzly bears are the main attraction, Canada is also home to the elusive ‘spirit bear’, black bears and even polar bears.

Grizzly Bear - Knight Inlet Lodge
Knight Inlet Lodge Holiday
Canada Wildlife Holidays - Bear Cubs
Spirit Bear Lodge | Canada Travel Specialists
Canada Wildlife Holidays - Bear Cub
Grizzly Bear watching in British Columbia

These beautiful animals once roamed all of North America. While some remain in the American Rockies, most of the population is now confined to Canada. The best place to find them is on a wildlife holiday at Knight Inlet, British Columbia. Here on the west coast, on a corner of Vancouver Island, you’ll see the Grizzlies for yourself.

You’ll stay in lodges purpose-built for viewing these gentle giants. Watch as they spend their days eating salmon from the fast flowing rivers and foraging for nuts and berries. It’s rare to see Grizzly bears in packs as they are typically very solitary animals. Yet, they often come together to fish in the streams of British Columbia.

Along with your guides and fellow travellers, you’ll trek the forests and rivers of Vancouver Island. The best time to visit is spring, just after they emerge from hibernation. Females tend to give birth over the winter period, so if you’re lucky, you’ll catch the baby’s first steps! Cubs are often born as twins, so it’s not uncommon to see them playing together. The patient mother will follow them and teach them to forage for berries, roots, and nuts. And you can watch it all.

Many of Canada’s bears are wary of confrontation and are shy when it comes to humans. Grizzlies, on the other hand, got their name for a reason! When it comes to catching a glimpse of these creatures, it’s always best to travel with expert guides. That’s where a wildlife holiday comes in. They’ll keep you safe and they know the best spots!

The Grizzly bear is categorised as ‘threatened’ under the Fish & Wildlife Service classifications. These rare and magnificent animals must be protected and allowed to live in their natural habitat. Guided tours within their natural home are the only humane and safe ways to experience the bears. If we don’t act against urbanisation and hunting, we may not be able to see them at all.

Canada Wildlife Holidays - Bear Family
Black Bear watching in Quebec

Grizzlies aren’t the only bears you’ll find in Canada. The black bear is the most common species of bear on the planet, with many residing in this fine country. Why not plan your entire wildlife holiday with these creatures in mind? For guaranteed black bear sightings, head to the holiday lodges in the Quebec region between July and September. Make this part of your wildlife holiday and you’re in for an awe-inspiring experience.

Having said that, it’s not uncommon to see black bears on the side of the road while driving across Canada. Generally, they tend to avoid confrontation with humans and attacks are very rare. Still, it’s best to travel with experienced guides and a wildlife travel company.

Canada Wildlife Holidays - Polar Bears
Polar Bear watching in Manitoba

Yes, you really can see polar bears in Canada too. You’ll need to prepare yourself for a cold trip north to Arctic regions, but it’s well worth it. As part of a wildlife holiday, you’ll visit the northern tip of Manitoba. Here you’ll find a small town called Churchill where many polar bear study teams and scientists reside. It’s an amazing place to discover this beautiful bear.

Polar bears have recently been categorized as a ‘vulnerable species’ due to their sad decline. Pressures from global warming, habitat loss and pollution are making life difficult for the majestic polar bear.

Canada Wildlife Holidays - Wild Bears
Elusive Spirit Bear watching in British Columbia

The Spirit bear is Canada’s most elusive, magical bear. Booking a wildlife watching holiday is the only way you’ll see it in the wild! Scientists think there are only about 400 in existence, and sightings are rare. They are almost mythical and legendary in their nature. In actual fact, they are simply black bears with odd colouring. They appear white, like a polar bear. Also known as the Kermode bear, they are found in The Great Bear Rainforest on Vancouver Island. Among the snowy peaks and icy fjords, a glimpse of one of these is a truly magical experience.

The best thing about a wildlife holiday in Canada is that you can match it with incredible adventure. To discover these creatures, you’ll explore the lakes, rivers and forests of this stunning land. You’ll kayak across fjords, hike through snowy peaks and immerse yourself in nature. What better way to discover the world around you?

Our Canadian specialist staff will be able to help you choose the right region and time of year to maximise your chances of spotting elusive wildlife. And you can make the most of the great outdoors by trying activities such as horse riding across the prairies, paddle the country’s still-water lakes or hike in the mountains. With a range of different national parks and reserves on offer in Canada, there’s nowhere better to catch sight glimpse of some of the world’s most elusive and impressive wildlife!

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