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Motorhome Holidays in Canada

Imagine loading up your cases, picking up your keys and diving headfirst into nature’s playground; this is the reality of the adventure that awaits when you book any of our Canadream motorhome holidays in Canada. The beauty of a motorhome holiday is the freedom that comes as a guarantee. You can stop for as many photo opportunities as you like, be swept up by the electric atmosphere of Canada’s cities, mingle with welcoming locals and, of course, make wonderful memories that will last long after you arrive home.

The range of choice from Canadream motorhomes means that there truly is something to suit any type of holiday. From cosy campers built for two to giant RVs that can sleep 7, it is clear that motorhomes are an inspired choice for everything from a romantic break to a jam-packed family adventure. You will take your home onto the open road, giving you the flexibility to see Canada as you have always dreamed to.

Canadreams Motorhome - Exterior View
Video Demonstration of Canadream's Super Van Camper SVC
MH-A Maxi Motorhome - Exterior View
Canadream Winter Motorhome Holiday Adventure in Canada
Super Van SVC Motorhome - Exterior View
Canadream Motorhome Holidays across Canada
MH-B Midi Motorhome - Exterior View
Why choose a motorhome?

A motorhome is a perfect vessel to embark on the holiday of a lifetime. Do you have a family you would like to visit? Mountains you are dying to climb? Wildlife experiences you want to tick off the bucket list? All of this – and much more – can become your reality. A motorhome holiday through Canada can truly be a life-affirming experience.

Super Van SVC Motorhome - Exterior View
Get to the heart of the landscape

A motorhome allows you to really get into the heart of the landscape; hidden gems are just waiting to be discovered at every turn, from charming small towns to other-worldly viewpoints. Watching a moose graze or a black bear scratching itself on a tree is a moment you’ll only experience from the road. From a scenic trip alongside lakes and mountains to cruising into concrete jungles, you can change your itinerary or route wherever you like.

MH-A Maxi Motorhome - Exterior View
Need a help planning?

Our Canada Travel Specialists have been specially trained for years to ensure they can help obtain the most well-suited motorhome and best-value prices for your holiday. Need a little help on where to start planning your route? Our experts will be delighted to share some of the handy hints and suggestions they have accumulated over years of extensive travel themselves. Your own personal advisor will be there every step of the way to create an itinerary that perfectly suits your needs. From low deposits to holiday payment plans, there has never been a better time for the ultimate Canadian road trip.

Choose Your Motorhome

Canadreams DVC Deluxe Motorhome - Exterior View

DVC Deluxe Camper Van

In order to provide these high quality motorhomes at incredibly low prices, we work closely with CanaDream, and our experts can not only get you the best price, but they can also suggest awe inspiring routes and can help stops at attractions and arrange your tickets. For more information on the CanaDream Deluxe Van Camper, call one of our trained Canada Travel Specialists today or enquire online
MH-A Maxi Motorhome - Exterior View

MH-A Maxi Motorhome

If you are looking for a motor-home holiday with a side order of extra comfort then this is the RV for you. Taking the concept of a motor-home holiday to new heights this camper van will make for an amazing holiday home on wheels.
MH-B Midi Motorhome - Exterior View

MH-B Midi Motorhome

Make your next holiday something unique and whether you are a family, or a group of friends on an adventure together you will have a great time in this spacious and well appointed camper van.You'll appreciate the spacious traffic areas and functionality of the kitchen. Features include an oven stove, microwave, large fridge and large pantry. Wardrobe and overhead storage areas optimize living space. Exclusive rates from the Canada Travel Specialists via our colleagues at CanaDream mean we can of
Super Van SVC Motorhome - Exterior View

Super Van Camper SVC

The Super Van Camper SVC is designed both beautifully and efficiently. The sleeping and dining areas are cleverly separated from the bath and kitchen – together with the fact that the Super Van has an extra wide body helps towards creating a sense of openness. You and your family can sleep in complete comfort as the Super Van Camper SVC can sleep two adults and two children seamlessly. Canada has so much to offer, and with a motorhome holiday on-board the Super Van Camper SVC, you and your famil