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Ottawa Holidays

Take any of our Ottawa holidays and visit Canada’s capital city. Located in eastern Ontario on the border of the province of Quebec, it is home to Canada’s parliament buildings, the home of the Prime Minister, and the centre of all Canadian political goings-on. It is a city with year-round activities, as Ottawa folk embrace the winter with as much gusto as they do the summer.

The city was originally settled in the 19th century by Irish and French travellers, explaining why now Ottawa is now the home to a multitude of cultures and races, it has embraced the 20th century and combined its vibrant history with chic living to create one of most unique destinations in the world, leaving you with a multitude of things to do in Ottawa, the place for a perfect Canada holiday.

The Rideau River runs right through the center of the city, and along its banks you will find cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts running its lengths, while in the winter when it is frozen over, it becomes the world’s longest skating rink, and a unique way for the city’s denizens to get to and from work, home and school. With several world-renowned museums, galleries and concert halls, Ottawa has plenty to offer the culturally inclined, and it’s vibrant culinary community boasts scores of award-winning restaurants as well as wine bars, bistros and farmers markets that showcase the bounty of the farmland that is only minutes away from the city centre. Plenty of green space lies along the banks of the Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau Rivers, and there are even several beaches where you can swim during the summer months, and paddle enthusiasts can canoe, kayak or paddleboard.
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