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Rail Tours

Canada rail tours will take you on some of the world’s most iconic rail journeys, thanks to its dazzling landscapes and spectacular scenery.

Travelling by rail is the easiest and most laid-back way to see the country, and there are a number of different rail holidays to choose from, all offering a different view and a different kind of train travel experience.

Travel on board the famous Rocky Mountaineer train, which operates during the summer and links Seattle, Whistler and Vancouver with mountain towns including Banff, Calgary and Jasper.

Canada's rail network, Via Rail, can take you on a journey all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Sit back and enjoy the view as you travel from the glorious beauty of the Nova Scotia landscape right into the untamed wilds of Alberta, passing the snow-capped beauty of the Rocky Mountains, glaciers, glorious wildlife and cosmopolitan cities as you go.

Canadain rail holidays can be one of the most elegant, refined, and relaxing ways to travel. Specially-constructed viewing platforms allow you to soak up the awe-inspiring views, as the rhythmic sound of the rails soothes away your cares, and mouth-watering dining options are available too.

Book your train holidays across Canada from Vancouver right across the country to Toronto, and customise your trip with stops in beautiful towns like Banff, Jasper and Edmonton, which are located right in the heart of National Parks and beautiful mountain ranges.

Vibrant cities, lush countryside, luxury hotels, delectable dining and like-minded travelling companions…Why wait?. Call the Canada Travel Specialists team to plan the best rocky mountain railway holiday you’ve ever had.

So what are you waiting for? Book any of our Canada rail holidays today by giving our travel experts a call now.

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