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Discover the Northern Lights

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With some of the country being located deep into the Arctic Circle, Canada is proudly home to many of the world’s best locations in which to see the Northern Lights. The chance to witness the Aurora dancing across the sky is unforgettable; combined with the rugged wilderness of Canada’s scenery, your holiday might just be unbeatable.

One of Mother Nature’s greatest achievements, the Aurora’s purples, greens, reds and yellows have lit up the night sky for hundreds of years, entrancing travellers and always leaving them wanting more.

For your best chance of a sighting, visit the Manitoban capital of Churchill. The town is located directly beneath the Auroral Oval, and as such activity takes place on over 300 nights each year; you may even witness this phenomenal light show more than once. An overnight stay in a Tundra buggy will take you straight you straight into the heart of Churchill’s wild landscape, so you can not only see the Northern Lights, but potentially wake up and see a friendly polar bear trying to say hello.

Northern Alberta’s Fort McMurray is a purpose-built destination which is known for its recurrent Aurora activity. This viewing centre is specifically located in the heart of nature for the best chance to observe clear skies. Alongside perfect panoramic views of the night sky, there are local astronomy experts and photographers on hand to share some tips each evening – with their help, you may be able to take the perfect shot.

If you want to combine viewing the Northern Lights with a holiday filled with adventure, a trip to the Northwest Territories is a must; the sub-arctic city of Yellowknife is known as the Northern Lights capital of the world. There are countless outdoor activities to enjoy by day, from ice-fishing to dog-sledding. After enjoy an exhilarating day exploring its beautiful, wild surroundings, it is time to sit back, relax and watch the mesmerising lights above you. If you would like a stay with a more relaxed feel, stay in the Blachford Lake Lodge. Only accessible by floatplane, this really is your chance to dive into the wilderness. Take an evening dip into the outdoor hot tub and watch the Aurora glisten from your log lodge.

Is it time for the Aurora to capture your heart? Book your winter holiday to view the Northern Lights with our Canada Travel Specialists today.