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Canada Winter Holiday - Husky Dogs

Outdoor Adventure

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There is more to winter in Canada than the picture-perfect snowy backdrops. The vast, varied landscapes of the country are packed full of exhilarating outdoor activities to satisfy every taste and entertain in the midst of the long winter months; the only question is, which one will you try first?

Dogsledding is one of Canada’s most iconic winter activities and a visit to the Great White North would be incomplete without trying it for yourself. Dogsledding in Banff is the best way to allow yourself to really get into the heart of one of Canada’s most awe-inspiring landscapes. You will zip past lush forests, staggering snow-capped mountain peaks and alongside famous lakes, frozen into natural ice rinks for the season. A trip to the Yukon provides dogsledding with a heart-pumping twist for those who with a keen sense of adventure. Although the weather can be harsh, the feeling experiencing the solitude of the wild landscape at thundering speeds is unforgettable.

Snow-shoeing is a popular activity throughout the Rocky Mountains, but why not add a jaw-dropping helicopter ride to truly appreciate the magnitude of the landscape. 360-degree views from the sky are a guarantee, and the scenery below will leave you speechless. On landing, strap on your shoes and set out to explore one of Canada’s most remote, unexplored areas on foot– this is a day you will never forget.

For those with a passion for fresh produce, why not try and catch some for yourself? Ice-fishing is something of a right of passage in Canada, and the feeling of waiting patiently for a catch while sitting on a frozen lake is unique to The Great White North. Many of these trips will then let you warm up and sample the fruits of your labour in a huge feast, so this is the perfect activity to enjoy with good friends.

Speaking of ice, why not try you hand at climbing one of Jasper’s most iconic features? Maligne Canyon transforms in the winter into a vision of frozen waterfalls and steep cliffs shaped with ice. Although these frozen falls may look like a tough challenge, it is actually reasonably accessible. You will be scaling the landscape before you know it thanks to the help of local guides who will help you every step of the way.

Have any of these activities awakened your passion for outdoor adventure? Our Canada Travel Specialists can arrange a trip that includes any – or all – of these activities, plus much more. Get in touch today.