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Top Tips for Visiting Vancouver

1. Dine Out Vancouver

If you are a self-professed foodie who wants to explore Vancouver’s culinary scene, visit in the winter to take advantage of the ‘Dine Out Vancouver’ programme.  Over 250 of the city’s top restaurants participate and offer set menus with a fixed price of $20, $30 and $40, so you can indulge in high quality cuisine for less.


2. Try one of Vancouver's Farmer's Markets

Vancouver’s markets are your best opportunity to eat like a local, as the stalls will be full of produce from purveyors across the city. As well as stalls, there will be food trucks, handmade crafts and edible souvenirs.


3. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

If you can't make it to Japan for the Cherry Blossom Festival, then you must try Vancouver's! Walk through the trees and admire their pink blossoms, peruse the stalls at the Japanese fair and attend the famous downtown concert.


4. All About Wellness

Vancouver is a real 'wellness' centre – this covers from outdoor activities – walking, hiking and cycling -  to conscious vegetarian and vegan dining. Spas to unwind in can be found throughout the city and hosts around 1,500 yoga glasses a week. If you are looking for a break full of relaxation and revival, Vancouver can provide it.


5. Visit Okanagan Valley

Known as Canada’s ‘wine country’ Okanagan Valley is known for its lush scenery and, of course, it’s ripe vineyards. Located around 4 hours away from Vancouver and is an ideal stop if you are planning to explore British Columbia further.  Over 2 million cases of wine are produced there every year – we suggest you take a winery tour and try the Bordeaux-style blends.