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Churchill Holidays

To anyone looking for a Churchill holiday in Manitoba, remember this area is synonymous with polar bears and full of arctic adventure. Located in the far, far northern climes of Manitoba on the western shore of Hudson Bay, it’s the destination of a lifetime for some, and if it’s not already on your bucket list, it ought to be! Though the population of the town itself is less than one thousand, it has a thriving and sustainable economy through tourism, ecotourism, and academic research and as an important seaport, shipping grain and other commodities to points around the globe.

Getting there couldn’t be more romantic, either, as VIA Rail offers a train service from Winnipeg three times a week. The two-day trip takes travellers through sub-arctic scenery seldom seen by man – as the destination is easily one of the most remote in all of Canada. The nearest city, Thompson Manitoba, is just over four hundred kilometers to the south and slightly west. Here’s the catch: there are no roads that lead to Churchill, so in getting there, you are relegated to rail or air. Flights from Winnipeg run year-round, but be sure to book well in advance if you plan to travel in the autumn, which is peak time for polar bear viewing.

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