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The province of Manitoba is located in central Canada. Bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west, it is the gateway to the prairies, filled with lakes, rivers and the pristine wilderness of the northern Boreal Forest. Its capital, Winnipeg, boasts a rich culture of Canadian history, industry, politics, music and art, but whether you are seeking the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city or the awesome majesty of the northern wilderness, there is sure to be something to delight any traveler. Families, couples and all kinds of adventure seekers will find Manitoba rich with unique experiences, from northern excursions complete with polar bears, northern lights and beluga whales to the unique culinary culture that begs to be devoured. In the summertime, Manitoba is a destination for outdoor enthusiasts, who come from all over the globe to enjoy thousands of kilometers of rivers and lakes, or to camp out under the stars and get up close and personal with the wilder side of life, while Winnipeg is home to casinos, five star spa hotels, world class entertainment, eclectic museums, historical sites and a rich French culture. Wherever your vacation takes you, Manitoba is a family-friendly destination with plenty of things to excite travelers of all ages.


Things to Do


Manitoba is an all-season destination, but the summertime holds the most variety of activities. Fishing or hunting enthusiasts will find no shortage of excursions available. Whether looking for a luxury hunting lodge to base camp from, or whether you prefer roughing it in the wild, there are several outfitters that offer fly-in service to some of the most untamed parts of the northern hemisphere to fish for great northern pike or largemouth bass, or to hunt for bear, deer or game birds. The Churchill Polar Bear experience is a must-do at most any time of the year, but the bears are most active in October and November when they are on their migration. During the summer, the area is famous for its birdwatching, wildflowers and whale watching, while in the winter, you are sure to see the breathtaking aurora borealis (northern lights) as well as the majestic polar bears. The capital city of Winnipeg has a great variety of things to see and do, with two casinos, the Assiniboine Park and Zoo, Railway Museum, Royal Aviation Museum, Sports Hall of Fame, and a vibrant French Quarter, St. Boniface. Winnipeg also has an NHL hockey team, and a CFL (Canadian football) team, and depending on what time of year you visit, you might be able to enjoy a world-renowned jazz festival, a rodeo, a folk music festival, or film festival.


Top Tips


  1. Fishing, hunting, wilderness: In the summertime, take advantage of the pristine northern wilderness in one of Manitoba’s eighty eight provincial parks. Rent a kayak or canoe, and explore the thousands of kilometers of rivers and lakes, and take advantage of some of the best freshwater fishing in the entire country. Stay at Wallace Lake Lodge in southern Manitoba for a wilderness experience that comes complete with expert guides and outfitters.
  2. Polar Bears, Beluga Whales and Northern Lights: Take a trip to Churchill at any time of year. Located in the far northern tip of the province, the summertime offers the opportunity to kayak and swim with the rare beluga whales in Hudson’s Bay, or enjoy activities like summer dog sledding, birdwatching, or wildlife and polar bear watching out on the tundra. The autumn and early winter is prime polar bear watching season, as the bears migrate from their summer home on the tundra to their winter hunting grounds in Hudson’s Bay. At that time of year you will also be able to try dog sledding and see aurora borealis, the famous northern lights. In the winter, bundle up for temperatures that plunge to -45˚ Celsius, and see spectacular northern lights, or watch the polar bears come out of hibernation at Wat’chee Lodge.
  3. Winnipeg is a must-go for families, history lovers and railway enthusiasts, as well as those who enjoy a city with a diverse and vibrant culture. With a great variety of things to do, it’s easy to find something that will suit everybody in your entourage, from the casinos to the Assiniboine Park and Zoo.