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Alberta Holidays

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Our choice of Alberta holidays is proving to be a popular choice when it comes to exploring Canada. It's a Western province but also one of the most populous provinces with over 4 million people living there. This ranks the province as being the fourth most populated across Canada and the most populated out of any of the Prairie Provinces. Located closely to British Columbia and rich with industry Alberta is a popular place to live with excellent opportunities for investment.

When many think of Alberta there often quick to think of oil. This is because Alberta is probably best known for its oil sands. Alberta is one of the primary sources for Canada's crude oil and northern resource industries and as a result, there is a huge working population in this province.

Alberta is also well known for its tourism with several large metropolitan areas that include Calgary and Edmonton, several other notable tourist destinations include Banff, Drumheller, Sylvan Lake and Jasper to name a few.

Alberta is definitely a province that has many stark contrasts in its landscapes. By visiting this province you can enjoy beautiful mountain lakes as well as rolling foothills, farmland, Prairie, Badlands and more. You can spend time in large metropolitan areas as well as enjoy getting away from it all in areas like dinosaur provincial Park where some the world's most exquisite dinosaur finds have come from.

As well as drastic changes in landscape there is also drastic changes in weather. Because Alberta extends over 1200 km from its North to South average temperatures can change drastically depending on the terrain and conditions. In the Southwest average temperatures in the coldest months usually, hover around 0°C whereas in the far north these temperature averages sit at around -24°C. This is an extremely stark contrast and something that you need to be prepared for if you plan on travelling north. Temperature changes can also occur more rapidly in mountainous regions throughout Alberta.

Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Edmonton, and Calgary are all in Alberta
Bear, moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep and mountain goats are all common sights
The iconic Rocky Mountains are partially in Alberta
All the Rocky Mountaineer routes pass through Alberta
Alberta is home to one of the world's most comprehensive fossil collections
Alberta has 27,525 sq km of protected land in over 500 sites
You can fly direct from the UK to Calgary
Daytime highs in summer are normally 20 to 25°C
Alberta is 7 hours behind the UK

Places to visit in Alberta

Banff Holidays


Our Banff holidays will transport you to an all-seasons resort that is encircled by majestic peaks, home to crystal-clear lakes and full of historic charm; there is a reason that everyone has heard of Banff. This tiny mountain hamlet is nestled high in the Rocky Mountains and offers all the amenities and world-class hospitality you could ever ask for.
Calgary Stampede- Cowboy - Alberta

Calgary Holidays


Book any of our Calgary holidays and you'll soon be heading off to Alberta’s largest city, and you'll soon be struck by the old-fashioned hospitality that will greet you. This is Calgary; the perfect basecamp centred amongst four UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Edmonton Holidays


Take any of our Edmonton holidays and you'll discover the atmosphere that greets you as electric. This city is the perfect combination of a lively metropolis and charming natural surroundings. Always with its finger on the pulse, Edmonton is the ideal holiday destination for those young at heart.

Jasper Holidays


Book any of our Jasper holidays and soon be off to visit this intimate community that originated as a railway town; Jasper may be small, but this mountain hamlet has the ability to astound from the moment you arrive.d thundering waterfalls, it is no wonder this park is o

Lake Louise Holidays


Book any of our Lake Louise holidays and experience the breath-taking natural beauty, world-class hospitality and the most luxury accommodation; this is Lake Louise, and the locals can’t wait to welcome you with open arms.

Images of Alberta